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Coogee Maritime Trail

Story: Coogee Maritime Trail
Episode: 5
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 20 June 2021

History is brimming on and off our shores and these crisp winter days are the perfect time to explore. Trevor heads to the Coogee Maritime trail with his snorkel gear to explore our shores.

  • The Coogee Maritime Trail can be accessed from Socrates Parade in North Coogee and is free.
  • To access the trails, the dive and snorkel trail starts at the Omeo shipwreck and continues 200m west, following the southern breakwater.
  • The Omeo is a historically significant and federally protected iron steamship that was built in 1858 in Newcastle (England) and later converted to a sailing ship. I
  • The Omeo was used to lay the Bass Strait Telegraph cable, and the Overland Telegraph linking Australia to Britain via Singapore.
  • The Omeo was driven ashore and wrecked in 1905.
  • The Omeo is now home to varied marine life. Along the trail, you can expect to see a variety of fish, starfish, cuttlefish, crayfish, molluscs, nudibranchs, sea squirts and corals.
  • The trail has 32 different attractions to see along the journey such as the replica cannon, the seal and the sea anchor which was recovered from Elizabeth Quay.
  • There is also a Coogee land-based trail that runs parallel along the breakwater esplanade for those who are not confident with scuba diving and snorkelling.