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Driving to the Conditions

Story: Driving to the Conditions
Episode: 4
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
Air Date: 13 June 2021

Regional WA has some very different road conditions, and it’s important to stay safe on the roads.

  • When out in regional WA, make sure to watch out for roos and any wildlife, particularly at sunrise and sunset. Slow down to avoid them, do not swerve. Simply take your food off the accelerator and blast the horn.
  • Regional roads are often not smooth tarmac with double lanes. Watch out for unsealed roads, long straight roads and unsealed shoulders. Roadside trees add to the risk so keep your eyes peeled.
  • When driving in the rain, make sure to slow down to avoid aquaplaning. Have your headlights turned on and use your air conditioner to stop your windscreen misting up.
  • Keep a good distance between the car in front of you – it gives you more time to stop.

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