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Scuba Diving

Story: Scuba Diving
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 7th February 2021

With unbelievable visibility, no currents and uncrowded dive sites, Christmas Island is a world-class diving destination.

  • Christmas Island is the peak of an extinct volcano that rises 360m above sea level and drops to approximately 1500m below sea level not far from shore.
  • The best way to explore the waters surrounding Christmas Island is with an experienced dive operator, like Christmas Island Wet ‘N’ Dry Adventures.
  • Thunderdome Cave is a beautiful structure with a small opening that plunges you into darkness before emerging into the blue.
  • Thundercliff Cave has a huge opening. You descend a few metres before surfacing, with enormous stalactites and stalagmites above you.
  • Manta Rays live in abundance in the open waters around Christmas Island. They can grow up to 7m wide and live for 50 years.
  • With the guidance of Christmas Island Wet ‘N’ Dry Adventures, you could swim with Silky Sharks. These sharks are well fed but still inquisitive.

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