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Long Table Lunch

Segment: Long Table Lunch
Episode: 8
Air Date: 29th March 2020
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

The annual Malibu Fresh Essentials Long Table Lunch is a great reason to Rediscover Rockingham.

  • The Rockingham Foreshore has undergone an extensive facelift, and is now a premiere destination.
  • Guests travel from far and wide to this event – even Mark McGowan clears his schedule.
  • The Long Table Lunch makes up a huge part of Rockingham’s economic and tourist strategy.
  • The Lunch serves up to 250 people, offering up an incredible feast that owes its success to the generosity and creative talents of local businesses.
  • Malibu Fresh Essentials has been providing the raw ingredients for the Lunch since it started.
  • The menu is made in collaboration with 4 local businesses – Impressions Catering, Chandler’s Kitchen, the Steel Tree Restaurant and Bayside Barista.
  • Basil from Malibu Fresh sources food from all around WA, collaborating with around 50 businesses – if you like oysters, there’s 80 dozen of them.
  • Watch out for the singing waiters – you won’t want to miss them!
  • Garden Island is home to an Australian Navy Base, with staff volunteering for this event.
  • For more adventurous guests, head out onto the open waters in a dingy!