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The Cidery Bridgetow

Story: The Cidery Bridgetown
Airdate: 29th September 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Bridgetown has become a popular holiday destination for people travelling through the South-West, and is home to WA’s premier boutique cider producer.

  • Since 1998, The Cidery have crushed and pressed Pink Lady apples to produce their cider. While they are known for their ciders, they are also producing award-winning ales and beers.
  • Set in a stunning location alongside the river, The Cidery is cool and shady during the summer, though it comes alive during the winter, with a roaring fire and daily tastings.
  • Pink Lady apples are full of some delicious sugars, and were developed in WA, which is why The Cidery wanted to use them. They have a partnership with Newton Orchards in Mangemup, thus supporting local orchardists.
  • The Cidery’s business model is all about collaboration with local producers, such as with the Truffle Ale. This drink has 7 grams of real truffle for each 500-gram bottle – they also make the world’s only truffle cider.
  • The Truffle Ale is full bodied, with the dark ale complimenting the truffle’s strong flavour. It is similar to a rich, brandied Christmas cake – the truffle taste is not overpowering, balanced into the ale.
  • The Chestnut Ale has won the gold at the International Beer Awards. It was made with a nut brown, giving the drink a toastiness that works with the nuttiness of the brown ale.
  • The Cidery is a great place to visit during the winter – you can grab some hearty food and delicious beverages all while soaking up the atmosphere of your surroundings.