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Local Insights – Shark Bay

Story: Local Insights – Shark Bay
Airdate: Ep 3, 28 July, 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Just a few reasons why you should get out and explore Shark Bay!

  • Shark bay is located 9 hours drive north of Perth on the Coral Coast Highway
  • What a truly remarkably destination and rightly deserves its place on the world heritage list..
  • wether you’re camping or travelling in style this location has something for everyone
  • From visiting the stunning Shell Beach, to the Stromatalites, one of the oldest living creatures in the world, to the Dolphins that visit Monkey Mia almost every day of the year
  • There is also the chance to get in touch with the regions oldest culture, with a tour by Wula Gura Cultural tours.
  • The region is home to the Malgana, Nhanda and Inggarda people and the traditional name for the Shark bay region is Gutharraguda, which translates to ‘two waters’ because when you see the region on a map, you’ll see the two bays that dominate the landscape.

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