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Swan Valley

Story: Swan Valley
Airdate: Ep 2, 21 July, 2019
Presenter: Quentin Long

It’s hard to believe we have the second oldest wine region in Australia and it’s only 30 minutes out of the CBD: The Swan Valley! Not only does the region offer world-class wines and beers, but so much more to sink your teeth into!

  • The first settlers to the Swan River Colony made their way up the river to Guildford and were greeted by the Whadjuk Nyoongar people of the region
  • Settler John Septimus Roe was granted land where he built his family cottage, then in 1840 began planting some grape vines
  • The property still these original Verdelho vines on the estate which are now over one hundred years old.
  • Mandoon Estate boasts a brewery, winery, fine dining restaurant, beer garden and gorgeous riverside accommodation
  • Mandoon’s wines have been awarded 88 prestigious trophies and over 150 medals
  • But the Swan Valley isn’t just all about wines! There are plenty of other delicious things to try as you explore the region
  • Handcrafted ‘Moorish Nuts’ are supplied to some of the world’s biggest airlines and hotels
  • Moorish Nut’s founder Archie Moroni started the snack company from his town house in Cottesloe, starting by supplying local markets and open days then moved on to sell his products in national and international airlines and hotels.
  • WA’s oldest and most revered chocolatier, Whistlers, resides within the Swan Valley, this third-generation chocolatier make a huge variety of sweet treats by hand, including rocky road, liquorice, chocolate pretzels and handmade truffles.
  • Whistlers is even offering the newest generation of chocolate, Ruby chocolate, a pretty pink variety of the much-loved treat.
  • With so many things to see, do and taste, a visit to the Swan Valley is so much more than just a day trip!