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Sea Kayaking

Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 22/3/2014
Presenter: Dan Paris

Just outside of Perth there is a whole other world waiting for you, just take a tour with the experienced Rivergods team to get up close and personal with seals, dolphins and penguins.

Make the best of a sunny day with the Rivergods!

  • The ‘Rivergods’ team are incredibly experienced but still admit that there is a certain amount of luck involved with paddle sports, hence the name Rivergods.
  • Penguin Island is hone to the largest colony of fairy penguins in Western Australia.
  • The name ‘Schoalwater’ was used by the original settlers to describe the shallow waters in the area.
  • These same shallow waters see many people try to attempt to walk across the spit from the shore to Penguin Island, only to be washed out of their depth by the deceptive current. Avoid the risk of being shark bait and take advantage ofexperience like that of the Rivergods or use the ferry for a small price.
  • Find out more about the Rivergods team and the tours they have on offer here.