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The Ferguson Valley and Honeymoon Pool

Episode: 5
Title: The Ferguson Valley and Honeymoon Pool
Broadcast: 4th March 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

We go on holiday for all sorts of reasons! Today, Chrissy goes on holiday to release some garden gnomes to Australia’s third best road side stop; Gnomesville.

  • The Ferguson Valley is South-east of Bunbury and is a very picturesque region known for its breweries and wineries.
  • Gnomesville is home to around 10,000 gnomes and counting. If you love things a little out of the ordinary- this is the place to visit. The place is hounding with gnome puns.
  • Another great spot in this region is perfect for camping. Just 30 minutes drive from Gnomesville along some dirt roads and very pretty country side is Honeymoon Pool.
  • It is the perfect place to spend some time exploring in nature with plenty of secluded spots. There are amenities to make life easy.
  • This place is all about the water, which is fresh with a capital F. It is perfect for swimming in the warmer months and canoeing or paddle boarding in the cooler months.
  • The camp site is surrounded by peppermint trees which keep the place nice and cool!

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