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Wula Gura Eco Tour through Francois Peron National Park

Episode: 5
Title: Wula Gura Eco Tour through Francois Peron National Park
Broadcast: March 4th 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Shark Bay, 9 hours drive of Perth, is a truly remarkable destination and rightly has earned its place on the world heritage list. The place to base yourself when exploring is the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. Chrissy finds a great way to connect to this region with Capesy of Wula Gura Cultural Tours.

  • Capesy’s people call themselves the salt water people because they live near the coast. Francois Peron National Park is the place where the red dirt meets the ocean. Capesy says his job is to introduce people to this land and to leave taking something inside.
  • When people visit the land, they think they can only see bush! However, Capesy shows us that if you take a closer look this place is really a super market! On the tour you can try a variety of foods as well as check out the pharmacy
  • After a quick 4WD along the sand, Capesy takes us to a secret spot to check out the seafood section of the supermarket and gets fresh oysters from the ocean.
  • Skip Jack Point is the best view around. From the lookout you can see through the clear water dugongs and eagle rays. For photographers- this is heaven!
  • At Point Peron, there is just enough time for one last chance to really immerse yourself in the culture. Chrissy and Capesy leave hand prints on the white sand of the beach by sprinkling red dirt over. This represents the red dirt meeting the salt water.

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