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Kimberley Fine Diamonds

Episode: 7
Title: Kimberley Fine Diamonds
Broadcast: September 10th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

Chrissy shows you something so unique and rare to the Kimberley, that when it was discovered, the world went crazy for it… Time to go shopping!

  • Kimberley Fine Diamonds is known for selling their elusive pink diamonds, which can sell for more than 20 times the price of a white diamond.
  • The Argyle diamond mine, where these stones come from, produced 20 million carats of diamonds last year, and of them, only 0.1% were pink, which really makes you realize just how special these gems are.
  • Maria Bolten Magnay literally grew up playing with pink diamonds, as she was just 7 when her mother opened Kimberley Fine Diamonds. She explains how her fascination with pink diamonds began when the Argyle Diamond Mine opened in her birth-year.
  • They get a lot of visitors during peak season too, especially when people can’t make it to the mine itself – coming here and watching the jewellers work on the diamonds is the next best thing
  • When you decide to come here, give yourself a bit of planning time first so you don’t leave empty-handed.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds
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