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City Outings for Families

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 23rd October 2015
Presenter: Sam Longley

Kids may think that Perth City is a just a busy place where grown ups go to work and be grumpy but Sam is here to show them, and you, that the City Of Perth is heaps of fun. Voted Australia’s healthiest city, Perth is a family friendly city - full of experiences, attractions and interactive options for families and it can all be done on a budget.

  • Rockface is an indoor climbing complex, located in Northbridge and caters for everyone from 5 to 85 years old.
  • Shevon runs the kids classes in Rockface and she ensures that all the little kiddies make it safely back on the ground after climbing the staggering heights on offer in Rockface.
  • It and is open from a great physical activity rain or shine. For more info check out their website
  • In 1899 the first purpose built fire station in Western Australia was erected right here, on Murray street in Perth City.
  • WA has had its fair share of bush fires and natural disasters and it was from this building that men and women of the Fire and Emergency Service were dispatched to deal with them.
  • Today this beautiful historic building is home to the Department Of Fire and Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre. A museum full of fire trucks.
  • The Water Labyrinth is one of the many opportunities to let your kids of the leash and have some playtime. You could also try out the John Oldham slide, Lake Vasto and Langley Park playgrounds and Perth Cultural Centre musical playground.
  • With a focus on education and entertainment The WA Museum is constantly creating new and exciting ways to learn about the world around us.
  • There are countless dining options in the city of Perth. For dinner tonight we could have had sushi, Italian, Mexican or pretty much anything.

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