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sperance Distillery Co.

Story: Esperance Distillery Co.
Episode: 13
Presenter: Jo Beth Taylor
Air Date: 16 January 2022

There is a burgeoning food and drink scene in Esperance, led by passionate and dedicated local producers, and Esperance Distillery Co. Jo Beth visits the father and son team David and James, to taste and chat about their distilling process.

  • With the venue originally starting in Dec 2020 as the smallest distillery in Australia, the team have gone on to create award winning spirits that are truly unique. Using hand foraged local botanicals, each gin has unique botanicals found only in the Esperance region, showcasing the internationally significant floral diversity of the Esperance biosphere.
  • Distilling using high quality water from the Gibson Soak Water Co., Jo Beth tastes and learns about the Cut and Run small batch gin, which is a London Dry style gin, it includes native botanicals such as the Vanilla Acacia, along with traditional botanicals like juniper and coriander.
  • The contemporary Middle Island Pink Gin is distilled with three unique native botanicals, the Esperance Wax, Lemon Bush and Rosella, the sweeter blend pairing well with tonic and mineral water.
  • As an environmental engineer James and the team aim to achieve carbon negativity by 2023, by removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than their productions emit, their commitment extents to choosing suppliers that value carbon negativity.
  • Almost everything is done by hand, corks are 392g carbon negative, their labels don’t feature reflective foiling and the packaging is plastic free and compostable.
  • Not only does Esperance Distillery Co. produce world-class gin, but they have also recently begun working with ImpactSeed to eliminate their carbon footprint. They aim to work closer with the local first nations people and increase their positive social impact on the local and global community.

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