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Willie Creek Pearls

Story: Willie Creek Pearls
Episode: 13
Presenter: Daniela Pola
Air Date: 15th August 2021

One of the most captivating and timeless gems of them all, has to be pearls. They are cherished for a lifetime and passed down through generations. Daniela discovers how these gems come to be.

  • Western Australia’s South Sea pearls are some of the worlds finest.
  • Willie Creek Pearls are a family-owned and run business with over 30 years of experience.
  • At Willie Creek Pearls visitors can learn all about the life of a pearl, from shell to showroom.
  • The tour begins in the state-of-the-art hatchery, where visitors can see how the team breeds their oysters and how the seeding operation is undertaken. And the highlight, harvesting a stunning pearl through a surgical procedure.
  • Willie Creek Pearls’ tour also takes visitors out on the Azure waters, to the pearl lines. Here visitors get the chance to pull up a panel and learn all about the environment they grow in.
  • The tour provides guests with the opportunity to see inside an oyster and harvest a pearl.

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