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Drone Fishing

Story: Drone Fishing
Episode: 10
Presenter: Saul Frank and Howard Frank
Air Date: 25 July 2021

The Frank brothers introduce us to the future of fishing- drone fishing! This revolutionary technology is taking off and is sure to improve your fishing game.

  • The Swellpro Splashdrone 3+ is the only fishing drone that is 100% waterproof.
  • The Swellpro Splashdrone 3+ is fit for all-weather conditions and is corrosion resistant throughout.
  • This drone has an all-in-one remote controller, with a smartphone app control option too.
  • The Swell pro can fly in winds up to Beaufort Force 4 (18mph/28kmh) with gusts up to Force 6 (31mph/49kmh)
  • If the drone gets flipped, it has a feature to flip the drone upright straight away to help take off again. This feature is called the 'Powerflip' and is useful in choppy waves and bad weather conditions.
  • The Swell pro can be used for fishing, filming, boating and search & rescue. It has fly safely, return to home functions, low battery alerts and last drone location Beacon.
  • For fishing, simply hook up your bait and tackle, keeping in mind your maximum pay loading weight is 1kg.
  • Tie a slip knot in the fishing line and thread the loop to the bait release mechanism and it’s ready to go out fishing.
  • The maximum flight time of the Swell pro is up to 25 Minutes.

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