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Macro Photography

Story: Macro Photography
Episode: 09
Presenter: Saul & Howard Frank
Air Date: 18th July 2021

Soul and Howard show you how to use macro photography, to help see the finer details of what you’re shooting.

  • The Fujifilm X-T4: APS-C has a 26 mega-pixel mirrorless camera, that has built in body stabilization. Say goodbye to those shaky shots!
  • The Fujifilm X-T4 has >20 Fps shooting with AF and a larger battery to help longer shooting times, up to at least 500 more shots.
  • Another great feature of the Fujifilm X-T4 is the >duel UHS-II card slots and ability to use “Eterna Bleach Bypass”, which creates the ‘cinematic’ look that you’re after.
  • The Fujifilm XF 80mm Macro lens combines detail and distance, allowing an effective 122mm focal length (35mm equivalent) – perfect for shooting macro!
  • The Phottix M200R RGB LED LIGHT is a long-life LED light, with built in battery. This can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices such as mobile phones.
  • The colours and brightness on the Phottix M200R RGB LED LIGHT can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.
  • The Phottix M200R RGB LED LIGHT has a 0-360 degree colour hue and saturation adjustment, perfect for bringing out the detail in your macro shots.
  • The Phottix M200R RGB LED LIGHT has an incredible 21 different scenario effects, allowing for some interesting shots whilst shooting macro, or any photography.

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