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Matt Hale’s Bonkers

Story: Matt Hale’s Bonkers
Episode: 13
Presenter: Matt Hale
Air Date: 7th February 2021

Matt gives a sneak peek of his hilarious new comedy hypnosis show, Bonkers, at Fringe World’s premier venue, Girls School.

  • Girls School was built in the 1930s. It operated as a school for 30 years and a police centre for 50 years.
  • It’s now home to over 80 different Fringe World shows, with 11 performance spaces, superb outdoor food offerings, free exhibitions and impressive installations.
  • Bonkers is an unmissable hypnosis show that’s held in the Main Hall at Girls School every night.
  • It’s a load of craziness and fun mixed with the imagination of a stage full of willing volunteers.
  • Girls School is just one of many Fringe World venues across the city where you can go to see a show.
  • You can even catch street performers, go to a silent disco, or just kick back and enjoy the huge range of food and drink options that are available.