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Natural History

Story: Natural History
Episode: 13
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 7th February 2021

The Cocos Keeling Islands are home to a diverse array of beautiful and unique species on land as well as in water.

  • There are several species of crab found on the Cocos Islands. Hermit crabs are everywhere, and ghost crabs can sometimes be spotted running along the beaches.
  • The Cocos buff-banded rail is endemic to the Cocos Islands. It was brought from another location and given increased opportunity to survive.
  • The blue-tailed skink faced a lot of pressures from introduced species on Christmas Island. It was relocated to the Cocos Islands, where it is currently thriving.
  • Plants and trees, like Calophyllum, provide shelter and food for some of these species. White terns like to nest in Calophyllum, and crabs enjoy its seeds.
  • Twitchers come from around the world to catch a glimpse of the migratory bird species that stop at the Cocos Islands as they travel north and south.

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