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Story: Food
Episode: 9
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 10th January 2021

The Cocos Islands are a unique culinary destination where visitors get the chance to not only try the local cuisine but learn how to cook it too.

  • There are many fantastic places to eat out during your stay at the Cocos Islands, including Saltmakers by the Sea and the Cocos Club.
  • Cocos Islands District High School students, alongside Home Island elders, present the Rasa Cocos experience to visitors.
  • Rasa Cocos gives guests the opportunity to learn to cook and taste traditional Cocos Malay food.
  • The program allows the Cocos Island students to share their culture and practice speaking English.
  • There’s a range of Cocos Malay cuisines you can enjoy, including Green Pandan pancakes with coconut filling, curry puffs and coconut water.

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