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Piazza Discovery

Segment: Piazza Discovery
Episode: 5
Air Date: 8th March 2020
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

The South Perth Foreshore has long been regarded as Perth’s front lawn, and the new Mindeerup Piazza has turned it into a destination you have to check out.

  • With kilometres of lush green turf, wetlands filled with native birdlife, and secret shaded alcoves, South Perth truly is the city’s garden suburb.
  • South Perth has a number of attractions – it’s home to the Perth Zoo, and you could eat your way from one end of the precinct to the other.
  • Mindeerup Piazza links all of this to the Mends Street Jetty, and is a spectacular way to welcome visitors from the ferry.
  • The 20-metre-long sculptures are made from plate aluminium, weighing 9 and 9 tonnes respectively, and they create a vibrant meeting place for visitors. The numbat and frilled neck lizard were chosen to represent Perth Zoo’s focus on conservation.
  • South Perth’s past is represented by the animal theme as well, reminiscent of a time when zoo animals were escorted from the jetty up Mends Street to the Perth Zoo.
  • Look out for the meerkat sculptures dotted around the area, as well as the promenading emus at the Piazza.
  • There is an interesting sound and light show that has been developed – it deals with two brothers dreaming about the Noongar six seasons. Additionally, there are many Noongar art works close at hand.