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Eating Out in Victoria Park

Segment: Eating Out in Victoria Park
Episode: 4
Air Date: 1st March 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Victoria Park is known for its exotic, Asian-based cuisine options.

  • Perth’s close proximity to Asia means that you don’t have to fly to enjoy authentic international cuisine – Vic Park’s Albany Highway strip is full of fantastic food offerings.
  • Papa Sweet Tooth is known for its authentic Vietnamese food. South Vietnamese cuisine has a strong European influence, with the French bringing in baguettes – make sure to try the banh mi.
  • D’Big Mama offers classic Malay hawker-style food, with chef Mr Wong knowing a thing or two about making great noodles.
  • The BBQ Pork Noodle comes with a wonton noodle made fresh in house with a recipe Mr Wong picked up when he entered the business in 1968.
  • The Satay and Mayo Chicken noodles are made with no preservatives or food colouring, and you can’t have Malay food without a delicious laksa.
  • If you’re a fan of ramen noodles, you can’t get better than Ramen Samurai. Noodles are made fresh in house, served with a broth that has been boiled for 12 hours – in fact, all possible ingredients are made in house.
  • The ROW52 Laneway is full of stunning public art, with an overhead installation and murals along the lane.