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Mindarie Marina

Segment: Mindarie Marina
Episode: 4
Air Date: 1st March 2020
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

At less than an hour’s drive north of Perth city, Mindarie Marina is a great place to visit for a meal or night out by the water.

  • There is a cornucopia of dining options here, all with stunning views over the breathtaking destinations.
  • The Boat is a great place to watch the Marina and all those returning from their nautical adventurers.
  • Cabana allows guests to enjoy poolside dining without the need for an airfare.
  • If you’re looking for a casual Italian café vibe, Ritrovo, which means ‘to meet’ in Italian, will give you just that.
  • The boardwalk has a terrific, family-friendly feel to it.
  • The Marina’s resident microbrewery, Indian Ocean Brewing Company, is a great place to wrap up your day.
  • 150,000 people come to Mindarie Marina each year for festivals, the Marina Swim and the “Toast to the Coast” – mark your calendars for April for that one.
  • Each New Year’s Eve, Mindarie Marina puts on a spectacular fireworks display.