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Rediscover Rockingham Foreshore

Segment: Rediscover Rockingham Foreshore
Episode: Ep 1
Air Date: 9th February 2020
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

It’s time to revisit an old favourite: Rockingham! Just 45 minutes drive or train ride south of Perth, this area has undergone some huge renovations and it’s now looking better than ever, offering something for everyone.

  • Boasting the metro area’s only North-facing beach, Rockingham has always been the powerhouse of quick getaways from the city.
  • Here you can kayak with seals, swim with dolphins, play golf with kangaroos, walk along the coastline with one of the traditional owners... and much more! Cruising, snorkelling, paddle boarding, kite-surfing, scuba diving are only some of the many options on offer.
  • Apart from all this, 2019 has seen a number of enhancements that value-add to the Rockingham Foreshore experience… and the locals and major alike are pretty happy with the results!
  •  Some of the highlights are the renewed Railway Terrace, a popular pedestrian-friendly shopping and al fresco street; the Beach Plaza, which offers a range of recreational, cultural and heritage attractions; and the Boardwalk, with timber terraces connecting to the beach.
  • Mayor Barry Sammels says indeed that the main idea was to connect the community (both locals and visitors) to the green and the ocean here in Rockingham where the coast “comes to life”. For more information on how to Rediscover Rockingham you can also visit their official website.