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A Day Out in Subiaco

Segment: A Day Out in Subiaco
Episode: Ep 1
Air Date: 9th February 2020
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Today’s destination is cosmopolitan Subiaco, which offers something interesting for everyone, from arts and history to great dining.

  • This suburb is easy to get to both by train and bus… and if you come by car, there’s plenty of parking and it’s free after 5pm!
  • Back in 1851, a group of Benedictine monks settled in the area and named their monastery New Subiaco, after the homonymous town in central Italy.
  • When the Perth to Fremantle railway opened, hundreds of European immigrants arrived and created a bustling town centre to build their homes and lives around.
  • This European influence remains strong nowadays and it reflects in the coffee culture too. Blacklist roasters for example serve coffee in a wine glass to intensify its aroma; here you can taste 4 to 5 different types of coffees and also buy your favourite beans.
  • Like the coffee, the architecture of Subiaco is a special blend. The art deco-style Regal theatre is an excellent example as well as an important venue for live shows: this year there’s more than 160 performances to choose from!
  • Subiaco also embraces the creative arts and every piece of street art here has a story.
  • The suburb also has a great community feel and if you are a regular here you’ll quickly get to know the locals. Dogs are very welcome in most places too – including Table Culture, a quality kitchenware and glassware store!
  • Subiaco has always been known for its food culture as well. From old favourites like the Subi Hotel to more recent venues like Dilly Dally, there’s plenty of options to suit all tastes and styles.