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Caversham Wildlife Park - Meet the Quirky Animals

Story: Caversham Wildlife Park - Meet the Quirky Animals
Airdate: 22nd September 2019
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson

Caversham Wildlife Park is a Perth tourist highlight, featuring a diverse range of Australian creatures, including some our quirkier species.

  • Just a half hour drive out of Perth, Caversham Wildlife Park is the perfect place for the whole family to explore and learn about different animals. There are over 200 species in the park, with over 2000 individual animals.
  • The Australian Bustard is Australia’s largest flying bird, weighing around 12 kilos, with a wingspan of up to 2 metres. During their breeding season the males inflate an air sack on their chest as a way of attracting the females.
  • The cassowary is one of the most dangerous birds on the planet. They have incredibly powerful legs with 12 cm dagger-like claws, can run up to 50kph and can jump 1.5 metres high.
  • Molly’s Farm features your favourite cute and cuddly animals, such as cows, sheep, ostriches and buffalo.
  • Fergie the camel has been in the park for the past 6 months. Camels can live to around 40 years, and can drink up to 150 litres of water per drink.
  • The interactive farm show is a great attraction. Running 4 times a day, stop by to watch the clever animals show off.
PH: (08) 6117 1901