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Cape Cultural Tours

Story: Cape Cultural Tours
Airdate: 22nd September 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

For those who like their walking tours to be both relaxed and informative, Cape Cultural tours offer fantastic tours through the Cape Naturaliste area.

  • The bush surrounding Cape Naturaliste is absolutely full of bush fruits, vegetables and medicine plants. Melaleuca trees line the walk, which the Wardandi people used for camping.
  • The tour is run by Josh Koomal Whiteland – Koomal, meaning brush-tailed possum, which is Josh’s Aboriginal name or totem.
  • All Aboriginal people are given a totem at birth, as well as their family totem.
  • For Aboriginal people, it is their responsibility to protect the animal they are named for – they cannot eat it and are charged with looking after its local habitat.
  • At the camp meeting place, you’ll be able to learn how to build a fire using the flowers from the top of a grass tree – they are full of oil. It took Josh a couple years to master building a fire.
  • Once the fire is going, visitors are given the chance to handle some traditional hunting and gathering tools – on top of this, Josh will demonstrate his skills on the digeridoo.
  • Cape Cultural Tours offer longer tours including bush tucker, as well as private tours.