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Ravensthorpe Drive Trails

Story: Ravensthorpe Drive Trails
Airdate: 15th September, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Just three and a half hours out of Albany, Ravensthorpe is a town many people have heard of but not enough have visited.

  • Located on top of one of the worlds most important biodiversity hotspots, Ravensthorpe is the perfect place to base yourself while exploring the world famous Fitzgerald River National Park.
  • The Public Silo Art Trail runs through Ravensthorpe, with the painting by AMOK featuring the six stages of the Banksia Baxteri, one of the plants that grows in the area.
  • UNESCO recognised, the Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the most botanically significant parks in Australia, containing 20% of WA’s 12,000 unique plant species.
  • This part of the world is known as the Qualup Bell country, named after a beautiful flower that can only be found in the Fitzgerald River National Park.
  • The Royal Hakea, or Hakea Victoria, is also unique to the region. This is a tall flower that stands above the shrubbery, liking open and sunny positions.
  • About 11kms out of Ravensthorpe, Elverdton Road is a wildflower hotspot, with a diverse range of species that changes as the months progress. Make sure to bring along your camera if you swing by here.
  • If you have a good quality four-wheel drive you can check out the Mt Short Scenic Drive. At 453 metres above sea level, this is the highest point in the Ravensthorpe Range, offering fantastic views over the surrounding farmland.
  • Ravensthorpe and the nearby Hopetoun are great places to visit on your drive and with the wildflowers blooming, this is the best time of year to visit.