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Conservation at Caversham Wildlife Park

Story: Conservation at Caversham Wildlife Park
Airdate: 15th September, 2019
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

As well as being a fantastic place to visit, Caversham Wildlife Park is helping conserve Australian wildlife.

  • The Caversham Wildlife Park is home to more than 200 native Australian species, with about 2000 individual animals, birds and reptiles you can see up close and interact with.
  • Visitors to the park are able to interact with animals, learn localised information and get some fantastic photos.
  • The park plays an important role in wildlife conservation, which is one of the main reasons the staff try to educate the public.
  • The park has been accredited with the Zoo and Aquarium Association, making sure to provide happy lives for the animals.
  • While the wild is romanticised as a wonderful place for animals to live, it is unfortunately not always safe for Australian animals. The animals in captivity are able to lead much safer lives.
  • Every member of this family owned and operated business is dedicated to meeting each and every animal’s nutritional, environmental, physical and mental health needs.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park is home to a number of Quokkas, playing a role in a breeding program to maintain the captive population of the animals Australia wide.
  • Right on the doorstep of Perth City, Caversham Wildlife Park goes a long way towards maintaining the variety and vibrancy of Australia’s native fauna.
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