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Millstream – Chichester National Park

Story: Millstream – Chichester National Park
Airdate: 8th September, 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy takes us through the Millstream-Chichester National Park in Northwest WA.

  • Chichester National Park sits 122km South East of Roebourne and is a great adventure with plenty to explore
  • The park is 200,000 hectares and is home to rugged gorges, meandering waterways and tropical rock pools.
  • Python Pool is the first bit of permanent water you come across when you arrive in from the Karratha or Roebourne. This is a stunning spot for a swim in a cool refreshing rock pool.
  • At Python Pool the water bubbles up from an underground aquifer, providing a year-round drinkable water supply and this water supply has played a huge part in the park’s history.
  • Francis Thomas Gregory was the first European to recognize the potential of the land for grazing in 1861, leading to the Millstream homestead being erected in 1920. Today the homestead is the Visitors Centre and starting point for two walking trails on the history of the area.
  • The first walk is a simple 750 metre return called the Homestead Trail, here you can learn about the station life at Millstream.
  • The second walk is longer at 6km, and so is its history as the park has been home to the Yindjibarndi People for more than 40,000 years.
  • This is such a beautiful walk, and while self-guided it is always good to do a tour with the traditional owners. Just check the times of the walks so you can join in.
  • Deep Reach Pool is at the end of the walk, and here you can fish for barramundi, swim, canoe and or just enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery.