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Caversham Wildlife Park

Story: Caversham Wildlife Park
Airdate: 8th September, 2019
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson

Nikki discovers some family fun at Caversham Wildlife Park.

  • Australian Wildlife includes some of the most unique species in the world. In fact 80% of our native wildlife is found only in Australia. It is important to learn about what makes our country so unique and Caversham Wildlife Park is the place to do exactly that.
  • Located just 30 minutes outside of Perth’s CBD, Caversham Wildlife Park is wildly popular with international tourists, but there is so much for us Aussies to learn too.
  • From birds, mammals, reptiles and marsupials, you and the kids can get up close and personal with the animals and learn some amazing things. Did you know that the kangaroo can travel up to 65Km per hour!
  • Caversham Wildlife Park is one of the few places you get to see a koala in Western Australia.
  • Koalas are now listed as a vulnerable species in Australia, however with the great work that parks like Caversham Wildlife Park do for Australian conservation, there is hope the adorable animals will be around for generations to come.
  • The kids will have an absolute ball at the interactive farm show, where they experience all the excitement of a true blue Aussie farm. Make sure to put your hand up when they ask for volunteers! You could get to milk a cow, crack a stock whip, watch sheep shearing and feed some of the cutest little lambs you will ever see.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park is open every day of the year except for Christmas Day, so there is plenty of opportunity to have an awesome fun day out with the family learning about our Australian environment.
PH: (08) 6117 1901