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Mackerel Islands & Onslow Beach Resort

Story: Mackerel Islands & Onslow Beach Resort
Airdate: 1st September, 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy the resort style accommodation in Onslow and on the Mackerel Islands.

  • There is so much to enjoy in the Northwest, including your accommodation.
  • The Onslow Beach Resort has been like an oasis in the middle of your road trip.
  • Nestled on the edge of Beadon Bay and relaxed in style.
  • While you may think the apartment accommodation here would be hard to beat, wait until you see the little room upgrade available through the resort.
  • Onslow Beach Resort has a sister property on the Mackerel Islands and it is just 7 minutes by air.
  • Nation West Aviation runs day trips to the island, so the journey is jam packed with information. Salt lakes, jetties, water, and before you can blink you have arrived.
  • Looking to add a little more adventure, why not add on a scenic flight over the Montebello islands to your transfer to the island.
  • Both day tours include lunch on the beach, kayak hire, snorkel hire and guided tour by your pilot.
  • Thevenard Island is the resort’s location; it is one of two Mackerel Islands with accommodation on.
  • There is a lot to do on the island, from off-roading, to beachcombing on Back beach. Then there is the food, which is locally caught and prepared by the chef.
  • Your options are as endless as the views, whether exploring under the water or on top.

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