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Exploring the Peel Region

Story: Exploring the Peel Region
Airdate: 1st September 2019
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson

Nikki takes us on a tour of the Peel Region.
Located just over an hour out of Perth’s CBD, this is the ideal location for a fun filled day trip with the family.

  • Thomas Peel discovered this region back in the early 1800s, but even before that the Pindjarup or ‘People of the Wetlands’ were calling the area and its 23 rivers, streams and creeks home.
  • The Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve located on the North Eastern side of the Peel Inlet, was formed around 6000 years ago. Today it is an important nature reserve for hundreds of species of native wild life.
  • Whether you’re interested in birds, wildlife or just wish to enjoy a stroll by the estuary, Mandurah’s Samphire Wetlands are fascinating. You may even see a Quenda; the reserve is home to the native marsupial.
  • Just over a 30-minute drive out of Mandurah in Yalgorup National Park and Lake Clifton, where you will find the Thrombolites. These extremely rare rocklike formations are actually living, with scientists believing the ones here are over 2000 years old and resemble what life first looked like on earth.
  • Best of all they are only found in a handful of places on the planet making this spot a must see for a totally unique Peel Experience.
  • Whilst in the National Park why not check out some of the local birdlife. The area is internationally recognised by scientists as one of the most important in the southern hemisphere for seasonally migrating water birds with over 130 species passing through here every year.
  • Next stop is Dwellingup, the name is an Aboriginal word that translates to ‘place nearby water’.
  • Visit the Blue Wren Café, the perfect place to grab a bite to eat. With the rustic charm of the country and the quality of a swanky Perth café, this place is full of homemade joy.
  • Finish off your day with a relaxing ride through the trees on the historic Hotham Valley Railway, the original lines were used for Dwellingup’s thriving timber industry of the early 1900s.
  • What a stunning way to finish off your trip to the peel region. The best part is you’re only an hour and half away from Perth’ CBD making this the perfect getaway from the everyday.