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Kalgoorlie Races

Story: Kalgoorlie Races
Airdate: Ep 7, 25 August 2019
Presenter: Quentin Long

Quentin takes us on a trip to Kalgoorlie and shows us the history of racing in the area.

  • Each spring the 600km stretch of road from Perth to Kalgoorlie is full of people making their way to one of the nations most famous outback racing carnivals.
  • The Round, as it is known is a serious affair and it has a history with links to the best racing identities in Australia. This year the round begins on September 8th with the Coolgardie Cup and culminates with the Kalgoorlie Cup on the 5th of October 10.
  • Stop in at the Coolgardie museum on the way, and catch up with Vic Dale, local historian, bush poet and spinner of a great yarn. There are hundreds of great iconic Aussie outback stories in this place. Ring ahead to make sure Vic is around to take you through them, and give yourself and hour or so to spend here.
  • Another 38km brings you to Kalgoorlie, where thanks to the discovery of trunks of old racing memorabilia, the Signpost Goldfields Racing Museum, was established.
  • Every facet of life on the track is covered here, from the expected, to the not so much. There is the original Chronograph, installed in 1903, and one of only two in Australia. Its sister clock is in Flemington.
  • Michelle Paynes older sisters raced here in 1985. And then there is the champion Blue Spec, who won the Kalgoorlie Cup in 1904, went on to win the Perth Cup and then the Melbourne cup in 1905.
  • While it started with memorabilia found here at the track, the collection is being steadily added to. From postcards to racing silks, it all has a link to racing on the Goldfields.
  • The racecourse itself is beautiful. Don’t think for a moment you have to be a punter to come to The Round. This is about the great Aussie outback spirit and craziness that made our nation, and you can still be part of it today.

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