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Geraldton & the Batavia Museum

Story Title – Geraldton & the Batavia Museum
Episode – 6, TX date: 18th August 19
Presenter –Trevor Cochrane

Join Trevor on a tour through the Batavia Museum in Geraldton

  • Geraldton is just a 4-hour drive north of Perth, making it a relatively easy place to head for a getaway. And once you get here, there is plenty to do.
  • Start at the foreshore, which has undergone a stunning upgrade in the past few years. Quirky foodie spots abound to punctuate the walk.
  • View the water from a different perspective with a range of adventurous activities.
  • Be sure to make a stop at the Geraldton Museum. Entry is free, and this is the place to go and discover the stories of the people, culture and environment of the mid-west region.
  • The Geraldton Museum displays the maritime history of the area, in particular the infamous Batavia.
  • Outside the museum, visit one of the most beautiful war memorials in Australia, and reflect on the bravery of our service men and women.
  • Take a wander around Geraldton to see some incredible examples of early West Australian architecture.
  • If you want more reasons to visit, check out the local stories at