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Onslow Goods Shed Museum

Story Title – Onslow Goods Shed Museum
Episode – 6, TX date: 18th August 19
Presenter – Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy discovers Onslow, a little hidden gem on the coast in the Pilbara.

  • Onslow is a small town located in the Pilbara, 1400kms from Perth. Perhaps best known for mud crabbing and fishing, this little town also has a really interesting history.
  • About 20km from its current location on the coast, you will find the remains of the original Onslow town site on the banks of the Ashburton River.
  • Built to service the pastoralists, gold miners and later the pearl famers, all that’s left of the original town are the ruins of the old gaol. The rest they picked up and moved by camel train – quite literally, the buildings were dragged behind a camel, piece by piece.
  • In 1925 the town of Onslow was moved to where it currently sits on the coast. The townsfolk decided that after 40 years of flooding and alternate silting up of the river, that it was more prudent to move the settlement out of harms way.
  • On arrival to Onslow Mark 2 head straight to the Visitors Centre. Here you can pick up all the information you need to plan your trip.
  • When planning your trip, you should know that Onslow is famous for being one of the few places you can witness the Stairway to the Moon phenomenon. This is where, during winter, the sun rises and sets over the ocean.
  • Head on over to the Onslow Goods Shed. This is one of the buildings moved by camel train, and is now a heritage listed building. This shed houses a museum, a perfect portol to the towns past.
  • Memories from all over the Shire of Ashburton have been collected and displayed here. From the telephone exchanges of the local cattle stations to channel lights set adrift by cyclones and the train that serviced the port. If they could collect it, they have.
  • The stories of how some of the items made it to the museum are just as eclectic as the items themselves. The town’s tennis cup went missing and years later, was found in a pub in Queensland.
  • Once you have discovered Onslow’s past, check out its present and take in a spot of fishing while you are at it.