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Perth to Geraldton, The Coral Coast Highway

Story Title – Perth to Geraldton, The Coral Coast Highway
Episode – 5, TX date: 11th August 19
Presenter – Carmen Braidwood

Join Carmen on a road trip up the Coral Coast Highway, and discover why this is one of Australia’s greatest scenic drives.

  • The Coral Coast Highway from Perth to Exmouth is 1200km long, and provides tourists the opportunity to discover some of Australia’s most amazing attractions and experiences, many unique to the area.
  • Along this drive you will discover spectacular coastline, unique landscapes, beautiful country towns and lots more interesting things to see and do.
  • Beginning just north of Perth, the Coral Coast Highway’s first stretch to Dongara-Port Denison is known as the Indian Ocean Drive. Here you will discover the coastal towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman and then Dongara and Port Denison.
  • Grass Tree Valley is a great place to stop and stretch your legs and a site to behold. It offers a unique landscape between Lancelin and Cervantes, where you can view grass trees as far as they eye can see.
  • The small fishing town of Cervantes is just a stones throw from the Valley and is another great place to get out and stretch your legs. If you do feel like a walk, there are 23 art installations that reference the town’s history.
  • Stop off at Lake Thetis, one of only five thrombolite or ‘living fossil’ sites in WA. Located just 2km south-east of Cervantes, it is believed the lake became isolated from the sea around 4,800 years ago. There is a 300 metre walk around the lake, with signage providing information on the history of the area, as well as telling you all about these incredible fossils.
  • When you are in this part of the state, you simply must visit the world famous Pinnacles. Located in the Nambung National Park, these limestone formations will amaze you.
  • Jurien Bay is a popular coastal town for stopovers and offers a range of seasonal activities.
  • Sandy Cape is a further 13km north of Jurien Bay, and offers a sheltered bay with great swimming, snorkelling, fishing and sandboarding. Be sure to check out the great coastal views on offer here.
  • Make a stopover at Green Head, checking out Dynamite Bay, one of Australia’s best beaches. While you are here stretch your legs on the Three Bay Walkway along the cliff tops.
  • Inland from Green Head is wildflower country, where each year the land around Lesueur National Park is blanketed with difference coloured native flowers.
  • As the landscape changes on the drive through to Geraldton, there are many attractions to look out for along the way, many unique to the area. The leaning trees of Greenough are a popular icon to see. It is only here on the windswept Greenough Flats that the trees have developed a distinctive leaning structure, as a result of the strong southerly winds buffering over time.
  • If you have time, stop off at Ellendale Pool, a scenic waterhole surrounded by towering gum trees. It would make for a great stop on the long road trip.

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