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Exploring Toodyay

Story: Exploring Toodyay
Airdate: Ep 3, 28 July, 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Disconnect to reconnect, head out to Toodyay and reconnect with people and the natural environment around you.

  • Head to the local visitors centre to get the best information on what to see and do in the town and it is also attached to the town’s most recognizable building.
  • Toodyay was originally named ‘Newcastle’ until in 1911 when it was renamed, due to the two ‘Newcastles’ in Australia confusing the mail system.
  • The Colonial streetscape filled with boutique shops and eateries. Explore the quirky gift shops and enjoy a bite to eat at one of the pubs, cafes or famous Toodyay Bakery.
  • Back in the day, the town had three mills and Connor’s Mill is now a beautiful museum and is the place to go to learn about the town’s rich agricultural history.
  • When you stop in at the visitor’s centre, be sure to grab one of the maps for the walking trails in the area and to explore the best of the town.
  • Visit the Newcastle Goal, originally it was a prison built for the specific purpose of incarcerating famed bushranger Moondyne Joe, which kept escaping from the Toodyay lock up.
  • Toodyay is situated on Ballardong Noongar Land and the people lived here for thousands of years before the Europeans, the people call the area Duidgee, believed to mean ‘place of plenty’ and from which the word Toodyay is derived.
  • Head up the hill overlooking Toodyay to Pelham reserve and get a fantastic view, and if you head back in Wildflower season, it’s even more spectacular!!