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The Wadjemup Bidi

Story: The Wadjemup Bidi
Airdate: Ep 3, 28 July, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

There are 45 kilometres of walk trails at Rottnest Island, known as the Wadjemup Bidi. What a great way to explore the spectacular sights of the island.

  • Broken down into five sections, each walking trail takes in the stunning natural scenery of the Island, from spectacular coastal headlands to the unique inland lakes.
  • Rottnest Island is an A class nature reserve, preserving and protecting its natural beauty.
  • The Wadjemup Bidi connects the Island’s unique natural features, abundance of wildlife and rich cultural heritage.
  • The name comes from ‘Bidi’ in Noongar meaning ‘trail’ or ‘track’ while Wadjemup meaning ‘place across the water where the spirits are’ is the Noongar name for Rottnest Island.
  • Walking is a great opportunity for families, friends and couples to enjoy time together in nature, and winter on Rottnest Island is the perfect time to experience the Wadjemup Bidi walk trails
  • Take advantage of one of the great winter accommodation specials and spend a few days on the Island and take on all the trails.
  • Depending on the trail leave straight from the settlement at the main ferry jetty, or jump on the Island Explorer ‘hop on, hop off’ bus to get to one of the trails around the Island.
  • Highlights of the trail includes the majestic osprey, and their huge nests - these birds of prey are fascinating to watch as they hunt for fish and other animals, the New Zealand Fur Seals and Cathedral Rocks, and walking the trails in Winter & Spring gives you the extra special opportunity to witness Quokka Joeys emerging from their Mothers pouch, migrating Whales and even the Rottnest Frog.

There are so many amazing experiences to be had at Rottnest Island, isn’t it time for you to get out and explore the Wadjemup Bidi.