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Perth Observatory

Story: Perth Observatory
Airdate: Ep 2, 21 July, 2019
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

Did you know that Perth’s oldest Observatory is located just 35km East of Perth?
Carmen discovers the History of Perth Observatory.

  • the Perth Observatory in bickley is best visited at night, but it’s not starswe are chasing on this visit… its history…
  • In 2005 this building and everything in it made its way onto the state’s heritage register in recognition of it scientific, cultural and historic significance
  • Matt Woods is one of the full time staff at the Observatory, who started off as a volunteer and doesn’t he just love his job.
  • There are 120 volunteers at the Observatory looking after 120 years of history.
  • One of the oldest pieces in the Observatory is the Meteorite and don’t think to even try and pick it up!
  • There are 6 domes at the Observatory, the main telescope currently being under repair, but that still contributes to research.
  • When you look through the two original telescopes, the meridians in the eye piece were actually made out of spiders silk and they were used to measure the stars and determine Perth’s location.
  • There are so many stories to discover at the Observatory, be sure to get online and check their visiting hours, have a look and book one of their fantastic tours and learn about our Solar System and the part Perth has played in discovering history.
Ph: 08 9293 8255