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Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

Story: Kings Park and Botanic Gardens
Airdate: Ep 2, 21 July, 2019
Presenter: Quentin Long

Quentin discovers an icon in the heart of our City, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

  • Not only is Kings Park a playground, space of recreation and sacred bushland to the people of Western Australia, but it is imbued in their sense of identity and place.
  • One of King’s Park features also makes Perth so unique, Mt Eliza on the edge of Kings Park sits on the very edge of the city with majestic views of the city and river.
  • For over 60,000 years it has been the place people could sit and look out over the Swan Coastal Plain.
  • The local Whadjuk Noongar people know this place as Kaarta Gar-up and there is evidence they had camp sites around this area for tens of thousands of years
  • The flora of Western Australia is intense, there’s collections of plants from all over the state, including some incredibly rare and endangered and some that simply amaze with their enormity.
  • The massive Boab Tree in the park, was gifted by the aboriginal people of Kimberley so visitors from all over the world might get a glimpse of the magnificence of the states far north.
  • There’s over 12000 unique plant species in WA that have evolved in isolation from the rest of the continent for millions of years, making this the only biodivserity hotspot in Australia and 1 of only 30 worldwide.

With something as beautiful as this on your door step, why would you not want to get out and experience it’s beauty every day.