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Nannup Town

Segment: Nannup Town
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 30th December 2018

266km south of Perth lies Nannup, it’s a small town that is going through some exciting developments. Just a 40-minute drive from Busselton and Margaret River, Nannup lies right on the edge of the forest with the Blackwood River running through it, making it the ideal place for a stopover.

  • Nannup has seen a lot of changes since the bridge and police station were first built in 1889, with the latest innovation about to arrive. Nannup is installing a new clock tower – the tower already built, with the clock almost ready to go in. The tower officially opens for business on 24th January 2019.
  • One of the townsfolk wanted to build the world’s largest wooden clock. He did so on his property with the hope he’d bring it into town. Heather Walford and her husband bought the property as a potential location for the clock.
  • Kevin Bird, the clock maker, began making clocks as a bit of a hobby. He decided to make the clock out of timbre, inspired by clocks of the past, as wood was the most popular medium in the 1500s.
  • The building is an experience in time, with stories about both clocks and the town of Nannup. The clock is built from local timbres, taken from the forest and refined in the local mill.
  • The local café Melo Velo combines the town’s love of coffee and bike riding, doubling as a bike shop to service the many riders coming through the town. The Tiny Tea Shop is another new destination in town, and with the Tulip Festival running in Nannup each November it’s a place well worth visiting.