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Bolo’s Coastal Walk

Segment: Bolo’s Coastal Walk
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
TX Date: 30th December 2018

Bolo Angus is one of a growing number of Bardi, or saltwater people eager to give visitors a taste of his country.

  • Bolo’s tour runs through an area that belongs to his grandfather. It aims to show visitors how people used to survive, covering water and hunting methods, and ends with a good cook up at the end.
  • On the tour travelling light is expected–you will find no need to bring water, since fresh water can be found all through the area.
  • Finding food isn’t difficult, especially crabs once you know what you’re looking for. Bolo expertly sticks his hand into the crab holes and just occasionally using his spear to seek out the days tucker.
  • The tour is extremely dependant on tides, as the water comes in the area is completely submerged, giving way to crocodiles of the area.
  • At the end of the tour Bolo gives some tips on how to wash up using natural soaps while Bolo’s Dad cooks up a feast with the days catch.
  • Bolo hopes to give people the knowledge they’ll need if they ever get stuck in the wild. The tour runs through the dry season and is a lot of fun – make sure to wear some mud shoes though!

P: +61 8 9192 4970