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Mackerel Islands - Land

Segment: Mackerel Islands - Land
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 16th December 2018

Just off the coast of Onslow, the Mackerel Islands are a stunning location you just need to explore for yourself.

  • The Mackerel Islands consist of 10 islands scattered in an atoll just 22km off the coast of the mainland. Thevenard is the main island and is the perfect place to play in the warm Indian Ocean.
  • The islands and their surrounding waters are legendary for their fishing, with the pristine waters being alive with everything from tiny damsel fish to Coral Trout and Rankin Cod.
  • The wildlife on the island is absolutely amazing, especially around November - this is when turtles come to shore to lay their eggs, which they have been doing for thousands of years.
  • Thevenard Island is an important place for 3 species of turtle; namely the hawksbill turtle, green turtle and flatback turtle. For the flatback turtles this is a medium nesting site, with bigger nesting sites on the North West shelf.
  • Nesting starts in mid-November and lasts until around February. It takes just 40-60 days for the eggs to hatch.
  • If you visit the Mackerel Islands, make sure to take the Turtle Tour that runs from November to March and learn about the lifecyle of the of the Sea turtles.
  • Another great tour option is the Sunset Tour to back beach and watch the sun sink below the oceans horizon and the colours of the sky change as the sunsets.