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Go Beyond Broome, Cockatoo Island & Silica Beach

Segment: Go Beyond Broome, Cockatoo Island & Silica Beach
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
Date: 25 November 2018

Chrissy takes a flight to Cockatoo Island from Broome and discovers one of the whitest and remotest stretches of sand in our state.

  • The flight to Cockatoo Island departs from Broome taking you over the Dampier Peninsula and Buccaneer Archipelago, one of the most stunning and rugged island groups in Australia, which is also home to the infamous Horizontal Falls.
  • There are over 1000 islands making up the archipelago, with Cockatoo Island being one of the main ones. An airstrip built on the island when its iron ore mine was operational and it was also used to service the infamous Cockatoo Island resort built by Alan Bond.
  • When the mine was operational there were 150 workers and Cockatoo Island had everything from a post office to a jail. The island was discovered in 1880 by early pearlers, they called it Heavy Rock Island and used the rocks for ballast on their boats.
  • Go Beyond Broome was founded by the local legend Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Tucker, and his brothers. They have the odd 35 years of experience navigating these islands and learning their stories.
  • The aptly named Hidden Island is a perfect place for a swim with warm water and pristine white sands. The beach is all silica sand, and this is how the beach gets its bright white colour.
  • The area does get crocodiles, though with such clear water, it’s easy to see when it is safe.
  • The tidal movement in the area is massive, with some of the biggest tides in the world, especially at the Horizontal Falls where a huge amount of water attempts to  flow through a small gap. Another is Whirlpool Passage, which has the mainland on one side and an island on the other, causing some absolutely massive whirlpools, with some reaching the size of football fields.
  • Looking for the ultimate day trip out of Broome, then this is the tour for you. Give the team at Go Beyond Broome a call and ask about their Go Silica Beach tour and let them help you plan your trip.