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Goldtown Discovery Tour

Episode: 5
Title: Goldtown Discovery Tour
Broadcast: 4th March 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane


Kalgoorlie is the capital of the goldfields area, 595km North-East of Perth. This place has a very rich history and rich soil. In fact, 1 km of dirt here, is the richest dirt anywhere in the world. It’s no wonder they call it the golden mile!

  • 2018 marks the 125th year since gold was discovered in Kalgoorlie. Gold Town Discovery Tour takes you to a variety of stops within Kalgoorlie, that are bound to leave you in inspired.
  • The first stop is Chunky Timbers. There are 150 species of Eucolyptus found in this region. In Kalgoorlie there are 7 of the 10 hardest timbers. Chunky, utilises this and creates a variety of quirky products, operating at 99.9% waste free!
  • The next stop is the Beaten Track Brewery. Kalgoorlie was founded in 1893 and the first hotel serving alcohol was erected in 1897, so there is no surprise that the breweries in this region are fantastic are serving cold ales.
  • Mitch from Beaten Track Brewery runs a tasting of the variety of beers. The aim of the brewery are to match the climate in Kalgoorlie. The sampler is a great way to try out the latest brews.
  • The last stop on the tour is the two-up shed, situated 7kms from the town centre.
  • The two-up shed is a historical place to play an iconic game. It is also one of the few places where this game can still be played legally. It is easy to learn and easy to play.

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