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RAC Cervantes Holiday Park

Episode: 1
Title: RAC Cervantes Holiday Park
Broadcast: 4th February
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

We stayed in the newly renovated Cervantes Holiday Park. Here you can camp, bring your RV or relax in a poolside villa. The seaside town of Cervantes is surrounded by the famous pinnacles and is also a great wildflower hotspot. The staff are all locals and friendly and can point you in the best direction.

  • Mount Lesueur is one of the most important flora conservation reserves in WA. From late winter into late spring, the national park erupts in colour, a must-see for flower fanatics.
  • The mesa is a biodiversity hot-spot, with springtime bringing out the best flowers in the region. The gorgeous Golden Banksia can be found all year round. Its covered in nectar and provides unique honey for local beekeepers.
  • The park also has an abundance of birds and reptiles. There are 122 species of native birds are found and 52 different reptile species.
  • Most of the park can be accessed by vehicle and there are also a variety of walk trails. Trails vary from a 400 metre walk to a 4 kilometre climb up Mount Lesueur.
  • The pinnacles are best seen at sunset and are only a 20 minute drive from the Cervantes Holiday Park.

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park
P: 1800 871 570