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Experience Dolphins

Episode: 1
Title: Experience Dolphins
Broadcast: 4th February
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane and Chrissy Morrissey

  • There are plenty of wonderful places to see wild dolphins in Perth, but only 40 mins south of Perth, Shoalwater Bay is one of the closest to the city.
  • Rockingham Wild Encounters have been taking visitors to see the wild dolphins for almost 30 years. They also have decades of experience in finding the dolphins, as well as how to look after them.
  • The average dolphin sighting on the tour is can be a pod of anywhere between 4-14 dolphins. The dolphins are friendly and climatised to the visitors presence.
  • In order to protect the dolphins, the location of the tour is a well-kept secret. When swimming with the dolphins, the key is to let the dolphins come to you and not to reach out to grab them. The dolphins will swim around you and play as if they were doing it just for you.
  • Dolphin tours run all through summer, but if you’re looking for something more intimate, Rockingham Wild Encounters offers privately chartered tours for up to 4 people. Everyone gets an aqua scooter and a guide to show them around.

Rockingham Wild Encounters
P: (08) 9591 1333