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Episode: 11
Broadcast: 3rd July 2016
Presenter: Matt Hale

The WA society of Magicians has been around since 1922, they have long standing illusions and magic tricks still dazzling audiences today.

  • The art of magic has resurrected in the last decade. From street magic to huge-scale illusions, magic is back on TV, all over the Internet and in a suburb near you!
  • Matt speaks to the President of the WA Society of Magicians, Andy Brown, about the history and members of the club, how to become a member and what kind of magic you can expect to see when the society opens their doors to the public every couple of months.
  • Meet some members of the WA Society of Magicians: Pierre Ulrich, Robbie T and James Sleight who perform psychological mysteries, card tricks and comedy magic tricks to Matt.

For more information on the WA Society of Magicians, visit their website: