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Perth international jazz festival

 Episode: 10
Broadcast: 26 June 2016
Presenter: Caty Price

Caty checks out the Perth International Jazz Festival visiting for it’s 4th year. Featured acts include Marcio Mendes and the Lucky Oceans, The Fat Sparrow and Jessie Gordon.

  • Perth is pushing the boundary when it comes to its music scene, there are many venues that offer music performances and events no matter what genera your interested in, but when it comes to Jazz the international festival tops the list.
  • The Perth international jazz festival turns the heart of the city into their stage.
  • The 3-day festival brings together acts from around the world and the best of the local scene.
  • Caty catches up with Marcio & Lucky from ‘Marcio Mendes and the Lucky Oceans’ who are mixing up a Brazilian and Louisiana flavor in their music, they are excited to be performing at the festival with so much amazing talent featured.
  • Acclaimed WA Jazz pianist Graham Wood is the artistic director behind the Jazz festival.
  • You can catch regular Jazz acts at Perth’s Ellington Jazz club on Beaufort Street.