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The Rottnest Lifestyle

Episode: 9
Broadcast: 19 June 2016
Presenter: Trevor

Rottnest really is the getaway that’s just around the corner. Jump on the ferry and within half an hour you’re relaxing in an island paradise. Trevor checks out the many great things to do while getting some R and R on the island.

  • Start the day with a bike ride around the island-there is no cars allowed on the island so you’ll be guaranteed to have the road to yourself!
  • Once you’ve worked up an appetite on your bike, why not head to the beach to have a go at catching yourself some lunch-there are many great beaches dotted all over the island where you can have a go, and of course, the local shops well supply you with all the fishing gear you require.
  • If you don’t have any luck with the fish, then be sure to head to the Rottnest Island Bakery for a sweet treat, or perhaps The Lane, for the Island’s best coffee.
  • Finish the day at The Rottnest Island Hotel for a bite to eat and a quick drink, all while sitting back and enjoying the view out over the ocean.

For more information on great things to do the next time you’re at Rottnest contact the Rottnest Island Authority;